Yabatech student drinks insecticide after breakup with boyfriend

After being dumped by her boyfriend, a student at Yaba College of Technology in Lagos allegedly drank insecticide.

There was an uproar in the female hostel of the school in the viral video shared on Tuesday.

The voice behind the video said, “Why will you drink sniper because of Adam? You go drink sniper because of Adam? Someone took sniper and she has been taken to medical.”

An Instagram user, 9igel, reacting to the video wrote, “We need more of emotional intelligence, times are tough.”

Another user jummaidadiva, said “Reasons why I don’t encourage teenage affairs.”

Mr_mor wrote, “More reason why I don’t encourage teenage love at all. It often starts with so much happiness, looks incredible and then ends in depression.”

"Regardless of what happened, I guess this is not ordinary," Israelinnocent said. What a life for an ordinary ND 1!"

"When you don't know what you want to do with your life, this is how you waste it," Fitmyke concluded.

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