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About Nigerian Watch:- Top Nigerian Newspaper

To Inspire, Inform and Entertain

Nigerian Watch is part of Green World Media Ltd. Nigerian Watch is a UK based media outlet specialising in connecting with Nigerians living in the UK.

Nigerian Watch is the UK’s first FREE PRINTED fortnightly newspaper aimed directly at UK-based Nigerians and people with interest in Nigeria.

The UK-based Nigerian is a well travelled, well educated urbanity, adept at mixing with various cultures whilst retaining strong links to his community. He is articulate, has a passion for life and a desire for variety. Nigerian Watch is here to ensure that the UK-based Nigerian are well informed and entertained about events home and away pertaining to Nigerians both in the Diaspora and the motherland.

The paper is also aimed at those with an affiliation with Nigeria, whether through business or personal relationships. It keeps people informed in a balanced and objective manner as to Nigeria’s position on the world stage, its people and its contribution to society.

Nigerian Watch Newspaper is the centre of the community; it is one of the tent poles of the community as well. Nigerian watch is the UK’s first Free Newspaper for Nigerian Community which targets the West African community in London, mainly the readers consist of UK resident born in Nigeria. Prints about 40,000 copies Monthly. It is the Top Nigerian Newspaper in London and has been read by approximately 250,000 readers.

Also further goes to Nigerians to African community and in UK to Kenya, Uganda. The paper also aimed at those who are affiliated with business or personal relationships, followed by foreign and common wealth offices and member of Greater London authority. It performs Multi-platform news delivery. Being a Top Nigerian Newspaper in London, Contents are basically for news, political, business, Fashion etc. all information is gathered. The edition is also distributed to Nigerian high commission in central London.

It is the UK’s largest circulation Free Newspaper for Nigerian Community which is free for Nigerian and also ranked top in London. It will also help in increasing the revenue as it is cost effective, you can promote your service in a very effective manner. Nigerian Watch also provides you to keep in touch with the Nigerian and in UK. It is a widely distributed Free Newspaper for Nigerian Community.

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