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Wednesday 26 October 2016


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Former Eagles skipper Christian Chukwu wants Keshi to impose a World Cup sex ban


altFORMER Super Eagles captain and head coach Christian Chukwu has advised current team boss Stephen Keshi to ensure that team members refrain from sex before and during the World Cup to ensure good results.


Popularly known as Chairman during his playing days, Christian Chukwu captained Nigeria to her first ever Nations Cup triumph in 1980 and managed the team between 2003 and 2005. Over the course of his coaching career, Chukwu has also managed the Lebanese and Kenyan national teams.


Warning current coach Keshi that discipline is a compulsory recipe for success, Chukwu said getting the players to refrain from sex during the tournament was essential if Nigeria was to do well at the World Cup. Like most other football pundits, Chukwu believes Nigeria has an opportunity to do well at Brazil 2014.


Chukwu added: "Another sure way to achieve success in the 2014 World Cup competition is for the entire technical crew to have an eye on the players. There are certain things the players must keep away from like sex, we did it during our own time.


"In my days as a player even as a coach, I made it a point of duty to stay away from women because sex has a lot of spiritual things attached to it. So if Stephen Keshi and his crew can keep close eyes on these players by making sure that they keep away from sex totally, they will do very well."


According to Chukwu, to do well in Brazil, the players must be ready to put their pride aside, obey their managers, play as one united side, avoid selfishness and above all be totally disciplined. He pointed out that the players are where they are today because Nigeria made them, so this is their opportunity to give back to the country.


Chukwu said: " Every Nigerian expects nothing less than the best preparation ever. The World Cup is not for rookies or disco dancers, it is for senior boys that are ready to stake their careers for the passion and love they have for the round leather game and at the same time make money and name for themselves.


"It is like a war front, as when you are preparing for a war against an opponent, you have to make sure that everything that you have to win the war is in proper shape so that you will not give your enemies the chance to over-power your squad. So for our country to excel at the World Cup, we must put in everything, our build-up for the championship must be of a high standard."


Expressing his satisfaction with the way Keshi has managed the team, Chukwu urged the incumbent manager urge to continue with his good job and not allow anyone to  mislead him. He added, however, that the current Super Eagles bench is not good enough and this needs strengthening.



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