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Thursday 27 October 2016


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Young South African man calls Museveni hypocrite saying they were gay lovers


altUGANDA'S President Yoweri Museveni has been accused of being a hypocrite with his recent signing of an anti-homosexual bill after a young South African man claimed that he was the president's gay lover.


Yesterday, a 28 year old South African man from Sea Point in Cape Town, claimed he met the Ugandan president one summer evening in Cape Town, where he was working as a waiter and they started a relationship. Over recent days, the man has passed a series of lie-detector tests with flying colours after a Ugandan law agency in South Africa painted him as an attention seeking liar.


He claimed that after serving desserts, President Museveni complimented him on his impeccable waiting skills and said his upcoming hotel business could do with a waiter like him. In response, the Ugandan agency has described him as someone who who wants to ruin, discredit and compromise the dignity and credibility of their president.


However, the young man added: “I was part of the hospitality team hosting presidential delegates at the Cape Town International Convention Centre after the official opening of the national parliament held earlier that day. Myself and two more waiters were serving a table where Yoweri and other dignitaries were seated for the evening.


“He gave me his business card and insisted that I should send him my CV before he leaves for Uganda, which I promptly forwarded the following morning. Hardly an hour post emailing him my CV, I received a call from him requesting to meet me at the One & Only Hotel to discuss my job prospects at length.


“We met at Vista bar which is situated inside the hotel, but we decided to go seat on the patio. After a few drinks, he told me that he could see that I’m gay and that he liked me and to date, my job prospects were never discussed.”


In addition, the young man added that after a few drinks, they decided to move the meeting to President Yoweri Museveni’s hotel suite as the sea breeze was getting a too cold. He added that upon their arrival, the president could not keep his hands to himself and the two shared a night of passion.


Furthermore, the young man claims that the Ugandan president would often bankroll him and frequently fly down to Cape Town for sex and shower him with expensive gifts. He backed up his allegations with President Museveni’s business cards, private email communication between the two and bank statements showing payments, all of which were confirmed to be valid by a South African forensic team.


Jetline Auto Dealers have also confirmed the purchase of a black BMW Z4 by one Yoweri Museveni, fitting the exact description of a sleek convertible the young man is currently driving. He claims that the president bought him the car as a gift.


“I am very disheartened to learn that he passed a bill that could see people like him being jailed for life, grossly discriminated against and even murdered for being who they are. I don’t understand why he did it but can only assume that he’s using it as a cover-up to hide who he truly is.


“Most prominent politicians and business people use the same cheap tactics. They get married and have kids as an umbrella, while having young boys as side-dishes but Yoweri has crossed the line," the young man added.


On Monday this week, President Museveni signed a Draconian anti-gay bill into law which punishes homosexuality with up to life in jail. It also creates the offenses of conspiracy to commit homosexuality as well as aiding and abetting homosexuality, both of which are punishable with a seven-year jail term.


President Museveni said the measure was needed because the West is promoting homosexuality in Africa, accusing arrogant and careless Western groups of trying to recruit Ugandan children into homosexuality. Although dithering before signing the bill he eventually rejected international criticism of the law as interference in Uganda’s internal affairs.



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