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Tuesday 27 September 2016


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Green Vue Venue



Following the success of the 2011 event 'Going Green', Nigerian Fashion Week 'Going Green 2' has been declared open by the President of the World Fashion Organization.


The highly anticipated showcase - which has arguably become the continents most significant fashion displays - will encourage designers to present garments that have been made from recycled materials in a bid to draw awareness to climate change issues.


Well known designers and buyers from across the international fashion world will flock to the Muson Centre, Onikan in Lagos between the 17th and 19th November with hopes of creating a bigger platform for sustainable fashion. An area Nigerian designers are particularly familiar with.


In 2011, 42 designers and 39 exhibitors from 22 different countries  presented garments, make-up and hair products, wedding garments and accessories, lingerie, watches, shoes and bags - with this year set to be even bigger.


The event has been organised by fashion production company Legendary Gold Limited who have been appointed by the Federal Ministry of Information and Communications to produce fashion shows as part of the Heart of Africa project.


President of Nigeria Fashion Week Lexy Mojo-Eyes says; "We look forward to welcoming you all to the exceptional hospitality of the Nigerian people."



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