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Thursday 5 May 2016


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Air Nigeria takes delivery of A330 - 200 Airbus for London-Lagos route


Air Nigeria has taken delivery of its A330-200 Airbus which it shall be using on the Lagos-London route when flights resume this Wednesday.


Last month, Air Nigeria announced that it will start flying the lucrative Murtala Mohammed Airport to Gatwick route thrice a week on May 16. Yesterday, the aircraft which will be used for the operation arrived in Lagos.


Jimoh Ibrahim, the Air Nigeria chairman, described the arrival of the aircraft as one of the major steps taken by the company to launch itself into the global arena. Arriving at the Murtala Mohammed Airport at 8.45pm, the Airbus was treated to a ceremonial shower by fire fighters from the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria.


The A330-200 airbus has 24 business seats and 244 economy class seats. Air Nigeria intends to expand its fleet in 1024 with four Boeing 787 Dreamliner planes.


# Alhaji Mohammed 2012-05-20 14:18
With the arrival of Air Nigeria and the high cost of First Cl[censored] fare to Europe and USA its remain to be seen whether the tr[censored] will change. There is no excuse now to blame the foreign airlines if our own cannot reverse the tr[censored] by offering affordable fares.
# Alhaji Mohammed 2012-05-20 14:39
I agree with recent comment that the police and army were responsible in putting PDP in power. Considering the involvement of the arm forces, during election and the high number of innocent civilian killed to put the ruling party in power. We must keep the arm forces out of politic. This can only be possible by allowing a caretaker or transitional committee to be in charge while the government resigned three month to the election. It should be should be recall that since the beginning of time there was never a period when a ruling party was defeated in Nigeria.
# Alhaji Mohammed 2012-05-20 15:17
The recent and past comments by the Attorney General regarding corrupt practices in the country has continue to elevate overnight billion-ears as celebrities instead of criminals. Its is high time the National [censored]embly request the executive to remove this stumbling block and appoint another Attorney General who can support the anti corruption ag[censored]a.
# Alhaji Mohammed 2012-05-27 22:34
Does any one care to estimate how much we Nigerians spent on parties and other form of entertainments? Taking into account the dare financial difficulties most ordinary Nigerians are experiencing. On a weekly basis nothing less three to five billions Naira is being spent on parties of various denominations.

It high time we pe4rioritise our essential priorities. Instead of these extravagant and unproductive addictions which put many in debts. If the money invested or wasted in unproductive habits are channel into productive charities we can build hospitals, school and coolleges and e4ven support our ever growing unemployed. After-all what is there to celebrate!

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