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Thursday 29 September 2016


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Green Vue Venue

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You can contact us by any of the following methods.

By Post:
Nigerian Watch
Chartwell House
292 Hale Lane

Telephone Number: 0208 588 9640
Fax Number: 0203 292 1738

By Email

General Enquiries: For general enquiries send email to info@nigerianwatch.com

Weddings, parties or events Would you like your wedding, party or
event to be covered by Nigerian Watch please email events@nigerianwatch.com

Editor: editor@nigerianwatch.com
Agony Aunt: To get advice on general problems send an email to eki@nigerianwatch.com

Advertise: To advertise with us send an email to sales@nigerianwatch.com

Announcements: To make an announcement being it birthdays, burials, weddings, corporate and social events etc, send email to announcements@nigerianwatch.com

Madam Amebo: If you have any hot gossip for us and would like it to be published send an email to amebo@nigerianwatch.com (Note your name and those involved would remain anonymous)

Subscription: To receive the newspaper you can subscribe be sending an email to media@nigerianwatch.com

Distribution: If you want your business added to the list of pick-up points or you are a reader and would like to suggest a new location to find your Nigerian Watch newspaper send an email to distribution@nigerianwatch.com

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